Events & Updates 2.17


Nasty Press is in its first couple of weeks of reaching out to everyone and introducing everyone to what we wish to accomplish as a collective. We have received a couple of submissions, and we want to encourage others to do the same!!!

There is no need to be scared as we are a new group too, so we can be shy and collab and be cute and work together. ❤

To submit all you need to do is read through the few requirements, and check out the deadlines! It’s very quick and simple to submit. You can submit an angry scribble, some thought-provoking words, or anything you’d like. We are also open to bands, performance art groups, or anything that won’t fit on paper. At our reception for the release of the zines you can perform there!!!

Feel free to message or contact us on Facebook or email us at

We have selected a few people for an interview to be conducted in these upcoming weeks, and those will be conducted soon.

This is all for now.

Stay strong, my beauties.

XOXO Alysha, Zoey, and Em

Some events you may see us at…

For our VEGANS


For our…people who want to learn to defend themselves, make some quilts, and makeout in front of Trump Hotel


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